Hoeilaart app as poll channel! An application to highlight …

Original and practical. That is the least you could say about how the community of Hoeilaart and the Druivenfestival Hoeilaart’s committee successfully made use of the Hoeilaart app. They applied the secure and mobile organization and communication platform, developed by Our City App, as a digital poll channel.

The reason for this was the light procession that passes through the center of Hoeilaart every year in September. This year the theme “Light on” dominated the breathtaking parade. Seven creative teams incorporated the theme into their float and showed off for the proud Hoeilanders. The latter had to select the most beautiful float. 289 enthusiastic inhabitants expressed their preferences. All this very simply: via the Hoeilaart app.

Most of the votes went to the float of the Scouts. The Scouts consequently returned home with the “Miel Taymans” audience prize.The main prize, however, went to the Chiro this year. Their float, named Chiro vielt feest!, came out the best once the jury had shared its input. The Hoeilaart app appeared to be the most convenient 😉 The more thanks to the clear demo the Druivenfestival Hoeilaart’s committee had specially created for this event.

The use of the Hoeilaart app as a digital poll channel is great news. Indeed, that’s why the community of Hoeilaart decided to run the poll for their upcoming sports championship via Our City App as well. Other cities and communities, their local associations, as well as traders could follow their example when organizing polls and surveys themselves. That’s a suggestion worth to be highlighted. Don’t you think?

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