Our City App presents: Halle, Diepenbeek, Herentals, Lo-Reninge, Nazareth, Zandhoven, Herne, Zonnebeke

Our City App welcomes eight new cities and communities!

We are proud to present that the city of Halle, city of Herentals, Diepenbeek community, Lo-Reninge community, Nazareth community, Zandhoven community, Herne community and Zonnebeke community are now part of the “Our City App” family! So far we have 58 cities and townships, where the citizen can digitally communicate in one app with his or her local government, merchants, associations and care suppliers!

And this is only the beginning!
Soon we’ll be launching even more city apps!
Will yours be one of them?

Keep in touch and you’ll soon find out!
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